Sunday, 9 June 2013

Sunday Morning Cycling on the Yorkshire Wolds

With the better weather allowing me to cycle more and build my fitness I've been venturing further across the Yorkshire Wolds. Today's ride took me up in to the higher end of the Wolds and right across to the western edge of the Wolds. The route I followed took in Huggate, Thixendale and Millington. My ride along the quiet country lanes included some fast descents and some slow very steep ascents. The ride really highlighted to me what a great place to cycle the Yorkshire Wolds is.

From time to I stopped and took some photograph's of the splendid scenery.

South Breckenholme Dale

Long Dale

Long Dale

Millington Pasture

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Yorkshire Wolds Curlew

This spring some Curlew have taken up residence in the fields around our village. Originally I'd only saw one  pair together but this evening whilst out walking the dog I saw six standing together in a field. Unfortunately they flew off before I could photograph them together however I did manage to get some pictures.