Thursday, 23 May 2013

Wold Cottage Meteorite

I was quite surprised on a recent trip to the Natural History Museum to find that an event that took place on the Yorkshire Wolds has a prominent place in their collection. 

The museum has a gallery that it calls Treasures and as they describe it as below - 

"The Natural History Museum cares for an unrivalled collection of beautiful, rare and scientifically important items. Find out about some of our most exceptional objects and specimens, which can be found in our new Treasures Cadogan Gallery.
Discover the extraordinary stories they have to tell, about our world and the remarkable people who have helped explore and understand it."
One of the objects in the gallery that they class as a treasure is the Wold Cottage Meteorite that struck the Yorkshire Wolds near Wold Cottage, Thwing in 1795. You can read the story of the Meteorite here -
A monument was erected where the meteorite struck and it still stands to this day. The Wold Cottage, the property that the meteorite takes it's name from still exists and offers bed and breakfast. It was, in fact, voted

Winner of 'Welcome To Yorkshire's'
Best Bed & Breakfast 2012.

So if you want a to explore a piece of natural history and visit the beautiful Yorkshire Wolds you could stay at the Wold Cottage. You can visit their website here -

The local pub in Thwing takes it's name from the event - "The Falling Stone"

The Wold Cottage Meteorite on display - 

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