Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Yorkshire Wolds Walk - Christmas excess walked off around Millington & Huggate

After a few days of eating and drinking the 28 December provided an opportunity for walking off some Christmas excess before returning to work.  A seven to eight mile walk in a very windy Millington/Huggate area was just what was needed.

Sylvan Dale
We parked at the car park at Millington Wood (worth exploring in it's own right - Millington Wood) and then headed north east down the road in to Millington Dale and after a short distance turned off the road, headed south east, crossed a small stream and in to Sylvan Dale. After only 100 metres or so we again turned north east and climbed the steep bank of the dale up to Wold Top. 

View from Chalkland Way
The path we'd joined forms part of the Chalkland Way a 40 mile circular walk around this part of the Yorkshire Wolds starting and finishing in Pocklington. The path we followed went down then up the side of Nettle Dale before swinging round Jessop's Plantation which appeared to once have been the site of a settlement of some kind. 

View from Huggate Sheepwalk
We then skirted the top of Pasture Dale on a path marked on the OS map as Huggate Sheepwalk. 

Red berry hedge

At the end of the Sheepwalk we left behind the series of dales connected to Millington Dale for a while. Taking a footpath north we crossed the top of Huggate Pasture and then across York Lane. After a short walk down a tarmac road we turned sharp left and walked along a hedge laden with red berries. Our path then cut across the head of Horse Dale. When we reached the entrance road to Wold House Farm we turned south east down the road and came up to the back of a covered reservoir. 

Avenue of Trees

After a short walk north east along the road we turned south west and headed down in to a wooded dale through an avenue of trees labelled as Great Plantation. The path then turned left and we headed south through a still wooded Tun Dale. 

Brooding sky in Frendal Dale
As we came out of the wooded dale the landscape opened out and we found ourselves in Frendal Dale with a brooding sky overhead.  We followed the dale until we joined the road that traverses Millington Dale. The wind was being funnelled by the Dale and was blowing directly in to our faces making progress back to the car hard work. 

Headwaters of Millington Beck
We observed as we walked along the road that the springs were still gushing out water even though rainfall has recently been low and some winterbourne streams in the local area are dry. 

We got back to the car after a good walk that had certainly helped us walk off our Christmas excess.  The wind had definitely blown any cobwebs away.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Yorkshire Wolds - Big Apple

One sign of the the mild autumn we had is the size of the apples our tree has produced. The warmer weather meant an extended growing season. We even still have a few on the tree.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Winter Sunrise on the Yorkshire Wolds

Taken just north of Huggate on a beautiful December Day.

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