Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Millington Wood

Had a stroll around Millington Wood on Saturday. Carpets of Wild Garlic where growing up the valley sides. That familiar pungent aroma in places.

If you would like somewhere on the Yorkshire Wolds for a short walk with the chance of seeing some flora and fauna Millington Wood is worth a trip. Click the location button below for where a map of where the Wood or visit the following pages for more information - http://www.eastriding.gov.uk/cs/culture-and-information/countryside-access/millington-wood/


  1. When I was a small child in the 1950s we took a car ride to Millington Woods from Sutton. I picked some of the white wild flowers . On the journey home my parents had to investigate the awful smell, the wild garlic of course. and it was hastily thrown out. No one used it for cooking in those days,we had no idea what it was- well not in Sutton! It must have been used in earlier days , and Richard Mabey's 'Food for Free', published 1972 has been a constant friend since I myself started to cook.

  2. It's horrible running there with the overpowering smell of Garlic!!!!