Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Millington Wood

Had a stroll around Millington Wood on Saturday. Carpets of Wild Garlic where growing up the valley sides. That familiar pungent aroma in places.

If you would like somewhere on the Yorkshire Wolds for a short walk with the chance of seeing some flora and fauna Millington Wood is worth a trip. Click the location button below for where a map of where the Wood or visit the following pages for more information - http://www.eastriding.gov.uk/cs/culture-and-information/countryside-access/millington-wood/

Monday, 2 May 2011

Burton Constable - A fine facade

Burton Constable is not on the Yorkshire Wolds but I do allow myself to stray from them from time to time and so it was this Mayday Bank Holiday. 

The hall is East of Hull just North of the village of Sproatley and what grabs you as you approach is the view of the front house. It's as finer facade I've ever seen and I am convinced that if the hall was in the South of England it would be a world famous heritage site. However as it's located in this quiet corner of East Yorkshire it's hardly known outside the county. 

The hall is surrounded by parkland lansdcaped by Capability Brown and visitors can roam across it. Adult entrance to the hall and Gardens cost £6.45 and on what was a day with cold blustery easterly wind whipping straight off the nearby North Sea we opted for the house visit. 

The house has over 30 rooms open to the public many of them large and full of grand furniture. However the grandeur is faded in places with visible deterioration of some of the structure and furnishing. This does really highlight just how much it must cost to maintain a large property like this. With the location, judging by the numbers we saw, limiting the amount of visitors income to repair the fabric of the house must be hard to generate. Strangely the slightly jaded property did make a connection with me as just like my 19th century home keeping up with the maintenance clearly takes time and money and sometimes more than you've got of both.

If your in the area and have a few hours to spare it's worth a visit. Their website can be found here - Burton Constable