Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Signs of Spring on the Yorkshire Wolds

An early finish gave me the opportunity to enjoy some early spring sunshine in the garden. Signs of spring where everywhere.

Blossoming Apricot Tree
Fruit trees are beginning to blossom. This photo shows the blossom on our apricot tree. Bees were busy buzzing from one flower to the next performing their essential function whilst seeking sustenance after a long winter. In the next few weeks many other trees and bushes will begin to blossom. I always enjoy the sight of hedgerows covered in Hawthorn and Blackthorn blossom as I drive across the Yorkshire Wolds.

Unfurling Horse Chestnut Leaf
In the field behind our house an old Horse Chestnut is springing in to life. Leaves were carefully unfurling from their buds. In a few weeks the tree will be in full blossom. It's "candles" on display. Beverley Westwood with it's avenues of Horse Chestnuts is a good place to see these trees in bloom.

I look forward to seeing many other signs of spring in the coming weeks. Particularly, as the lighter evenings following this week's change to British Summer Time will allow me to get out about more and enjoy the countryside of the Yorkshire Wolds.

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