Thursday, 20 January 2011

New Moon Rising

It's times like tonight when I wish I had a bigger lens on my camera that could capture sights like tonight's moonrise. As the moon rose in the east tonight from behind a bank of cloud on the horizon it was a truly inspiring sight. It had a pale yellow hue. I stood awhile and watched as the it gently glided form behind the cloud. The rising of the moon is the trigger for activities in nature and a marker of the start of events in the human calendar. 

Did my ancestors on the Yorkshire Wolds who observed sights like tonight without our scientific knowledge look to the horizon with a sense of fear believing that a certain style of moonrise  heralded doom? Or was a big moon a sign of increased influence on fertility and a benefit to society to be worshiped. The amount of tumuli on the Wolds suggest that my ancestors found something here to influence their worship. Maybe it was the views to the east as they saw the moon rise from the east over the coastal Holderness plain

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