Sunday, 19 December 2010

Snow at Sunset

Finally, the snow of this second December bout has arrived in these parts. A light dusting has covered everything again. We set off on our daily dog walk as the sun set over the village behind us. 

Although the sun could be seen in the west as it just got to settling behind the skyline snow started to gently fall. 
We pressed on like intrepid polar explorers crossing the fields rapidly getting covered in snow. Enjoying the scene and quiet beauty that snow brings as we went. 

It's a shame snow causes such disruption as I enjoy walking in it and would be happy to see it remain all winter.

The snow stopped after half an hour or so and as the sun had set the temperature plunged. Snow flakes were freezing in our hair.

We arrived home to the heat of our coal fire which was most welcome after a good snowy walk. 

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