Saturday, 18 December 2010

De-snowed but not De-iced

Some long days at work and restricted mobility from having a rear wheel drive car (never again) have restricted my wanderings around and about hence this been my first post for over two weeks.

Finally, this week the very last of our snow melted and we started to get warm. But now winter has returned with a vengeance but not in the form of snow but frozen ground and ice (current temp -6 centigrade). We have, so far, escaped any snow in what is the 3rd(?) installment of  "Freezing 10". Should I copyright that? The media are going to need some new slogans soon to keep up the hyperbole especially now London has been hit.

Thick ice was the feature of our short walk this afternoon. Each puddle had  a smooth glassy finish of at least two inches of clear ice. The weight of four of us and two dogs wasn't enough to make the slightest crack. Every blade of glass was was brittle with ice crystals and crunched under foot. Our breath escaping in great steaming clouds as the freezing air punched the back of our lungs. Our dogs usually ever ready for a long walk even seemed reluctant to press on in the freezing air.

Before long we returned home to our coal fire. Which as the coal man has managed to deliver us some more will be able to blaze away over Christmas. This is rather important as we can't get any oil for the central heating until at least 29th December. Rationing of the heating has been implemented!

Whether it's snow or ice Christmas this year will definitely have a wintry feel.

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