Sunday, 3 October 2010

Rainy Sunday on the Yorkshire Wolds

Incessant it's been here on the Yorkshire Wolds. Even our, usually very keen to go outdoors, dogs have peered out of  the door and decided that discretion is the part of valour and have slunk back to their beds. Looking at the rainfall radar on the Met Office website it looks like we might be at the tail end of the rain; albeit a heavy one. As soon as the rain stops the dogs will be getting dragged out of their beds whether they like it or not. I've been cooped up long enough and need to get outside.

With the duration of the rain and intensity I'm sure we are going to see some localised flooding of low points and fields but hopefully not homes. As, I write this it's got even heavier. Looking out the window the streets awash and water is flowing down the road.

Fingers crossed it will stop soon or my waterproofs will get a severe testing.

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