Sunday, 31 October 2010

Misty Sunday in Leavening and Burythorpe

Towards Burythorpe in the mist
We'd decided to have Sunday lunch out with friends but needed to earn it first by having a short morning walk.

The walk was a short circuit around Burythorpe and Leavening this giving us the choice of either the Jolly Farmers at Leavening or Bay Horse Inn at Burythorpe for lunch. 

The walk would take us right down the north west corner of the Yorkshire Wolds and afford good views of the Vales of Pickering and York. The weather confounded that part of the plan as a morning mist that didn't lift obscured any chance of a long range view.

We parked at what is marked on the map as a picnic site just to the west of Leavening and headed off down a bridleway towards Burythope. The bridleway initially crossed some rough ground but then narrowed to a muddy track. A tied gate to a field blocked our way and this made us re-check our route. It was while we were looking at the map we noticed the bull and several cows taking a great interest in us from the field that we'd just confirmed that the bridleway went through. Discretion being the better part of valour and not being in the mood for a bullfight we hopped over a fence and walked along the other side of the hedge bordering the field. We soon rejoined the bridleway and headed in to Burythorpe. 

Bay Horse Inn, Burythorpe
As we walked in to the village we quickly came across the Bay Horse Inn. It looked the type of place that would fill up quickly on a Sunday lunch time and the Jolly Farmers was likely to be such a place too. So we decided to pop in and see whether we could have a table for lunch. We could. We just now needed to finish our walk and I was now looking forward to lunch as our quick visit had revealed a pleasant bar area and open fire.

Spurred on by the the thought of lunch we headed back out of Burythorpe and headed off in the direction of Leavening. The footpath  directed us across a large grass field. Firstly, though we had to stepover the electric fence that my wife had confirmed was live by touching it with a blade of grass and feeling a very mild current. A real farmer's daughter's trick! Fence safely negotiated we crossed the field and went back over the electric fence again. We skirted a field boundary and before long we were on the road in to the attractive of Leavening. 

In Leavening we passed by the Jolly Farmers and all acknowledged that on another occasion we'd have our Sunday Lunch there. We walked uphill out of the village back to the car with the extra effort adding to our hunger. The mist was still obscuring any views gained by the height. It was only a short walk but enough to generate a real appetite.

I'll be posting separately about the Bay Horse Inn but what I can say now is "I'll be back".

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