Saturday, 9 October 2010

Hull Fair Weather

The talk early this week was of Indian summers. Well, it's certainly not one here. As today is the first day of Hull Fair what we have got is traditional Hull Fair weather. Grey, overcast and cold on a night. As that's how it's been as far as I can remember for everyone of the the 30 odd years I've been going. This year will be another one to add to the count.

It's a clear memory anchored in my childhood of the sights and sounds of the fair. Particularly, that moment as you get to the bottom of Walton Street when you are greeted by the sight of a throng of happy people. Some laden with prizes of cuddly toys others carrying bags of Brandy Snap and juggling Coconuts and Pomegranates. To this day when I see the scene it brings a smile to my face as I remember childhood visits and the excitement they brought.

The start of the fair is also a clear marker for me of the changing of the seasons and times. It starts of a chain of events - Hull Fair - Halloween - Bonfire Night - Christmas. Then before I know it a new year has started and a new cycle begins.

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