Thursday, 28 October 2010

Colours of Autumn near Warter

A day off from work provided the opportunity for a walk near Warter to take in some of the best autumn colours on the Yorkshire Wolds. So, jobs done the dogs were packed in to the car and we took the short drive there.

Warter is an unspoilt Wolds estate village - the estate being the Warter Priory (now demolished) Estate. A row of cottages overlooking the village green have some of the only examples of thatched roofs in the area. What was the village church - St James' - has been turned in to the Yorkshire Wolds Heritage Centre. Just near the village school there is a large car park that doubles up as a school and public car park. 
With the dogs straining at the leash we headed out of the village on the road to Nunburnholme so we could let them off to get some exercise. Dark nights curtail their walking as much as mine.

Everywhere we looked autumnal trees of green, bronze and gold made for an impressive landscape. Views enhanced by the three Red Kites we saw patrolling the hillsides and the Buzzard we saw for good measure too.

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