Sunday, 19 September 2010

A wet Sunday on the Yorkshire Wolds - a walk in the rain

What to do? A question that I'm sure goes through many a mind when a look out the window reveals endless grey sky and and a steady drizzle. Well today is one of those days.

What I'm going to do is go for a walk in the rain. I'm looking forward to getting wet. Somehow being out in the countryside when the sun's not shining creates a special feel. Me against the elements and me winning? Is that it? I'm not sure. I suppose the getting dry bit has it's attractions too. Who hasn't stood in front of an open fire and felt the warmth spreading through them giving a sense of pleasure. Even better stepping in to a warm country pub with a fire lit, ordering a pint and sitting by the fire, warming, reflecting on the days walk.

Sounds great. I better stop writing this and go get wet. The Harpham area is my destination today.

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