Sunday, 12 September 2010

Striking War Memorial at Lissett

158 Squadron Memorial at Lissett
Since I stared writing this blog the most viewed page has been war-memorial-at-lissett.html. That page only contains a poor quality picture that I took with my phone and I've meant to return ever since to get some better pictures. 
Facial detail on figure in memorial 

I knew I'd be in the area again today and I finally remembered to take my camera with me. Whilst, I have posted some of the pictures I took today on this page they cannot not do justice to this striking memorial.

I have visited many war memorials across Europe and I can say that this is as impressive as any of them and is a fitting tribute to all those who lost their lives. It is cut in steel plate and has the names of all those from the airfield that fell in WWII etched across the torso's of  the figures. If you were to see these figures through an early morning mist you maybe forgiven for thinking that you really had seen a bomber crew walking to their aircraft.

Information Board - airfield history at Lissett
The memorial was funded by the developers of the windturbines - Novera Energy -  that now occupy the old airfield. They have also funded some information boards that tell he story of the airfield. By opening the picture and zooming in you should be able to read the boards.

Each of the turbines is named after a bomber that was flown from the airfield and that is explained on the boardsIt is worth noting that the design of the memorial was by Peter Naylor of Beverley. I have more pictures of the memorial and if anyone would like more you can send me an e-mail, tweet me or leave a comment on here and I'd be happy to send them.

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  1. Nice photos.

    What I found interesting about Lisset was that you can get right up close to the turbines.

    Blog link looks a bit clumsy but I think it works:;postID=331279370436044389;onPublishedMenu=overview;onClosedMenu=overview;postNum=11;src=postname