Thursday, 9 September 2010

Last light near Tibthorpe

Sunset near Tibthorpe 9 Sept 2010
This evening we walked a section of Deepdale to the west of Tibthorpe. We took the road towards Huggate and parked where the footpath heads south down from the road to the dale bottom. We then walked west through the dale until we passed Haywold Farm and then headed north up to the road and followed it back east to the car. This route was nearly 4 miles in total.

Even as we left the car the sun was fast heading towards the horizon. The countryside here is a mixture of woodland and arable fields. We hoped that we might encounter some animals that start to make their appearances as the light fades such as Roe Deer, Fox or Badger. Unfortunately, no animals made an appearance other than the solitary dark shape of a Barn Owl passing against the setting sun. Mother Nature didn't entirely let us down, though, as the sky was a mixture of broken cloud and blue sky meaning we had another fabulous sunset over the Yorkshire Wolds.

As we approached the road to head back to the car the sun had finally set and we entered the period known as last light that really marks the change over from day to night. For me, like daybreak this time of day has a special quality. Neither night nor day, everything seems still and calm as the day specialists are settling and those that rule the night haven't yet fully roused. 

With the changing season daybreak and last light become part of our normal waking hours. I will definitely take more opportunities to experience these special parts of the day in the Yorkshire Wolds countryside.

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