Thursday, 30 September 2010

Fabulous Fungi - Anyone Identify?

It looks like going to be a good year for fungi. Whilst out and about I've seen some fine examples. Including the couple of examples below. Can anyone identify; seen any other fine examples?

Woodland Fungus in East Yorkshire

Woodland Fungus in Somerset

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  1. Top one looks like Dryads Saddle-Polyporous Squamosus, and the lower one is a Puffball which I cant define further without knowing size, Mosaic Puffball (Calvatia utriformis) or if the size of a football is a Giant Puffball.
    I found some Mushrooms in St Oswalds Churchyard Filey the other day, and was going to eat them , and put them in the kitchen area until after the service. Our vicar looked at them , prodded one and said 'thats a Yellow Staining Mushroom' not an edible Common Mushroom, so dont eat it , you could be ill!!She didnt grow up on a farm without knowing a thing or two.