Sunday, 12 September 2010

A beer with a name that matches my views

I went to the local pub on Friday night and one of the beers they had to offer was ""Big Sky Bitter" produced by Wold Top Brewery. Apart from being intrigued by the name I stuck with my personal rule of drinking brews made close to the point of consumption and decided to try some. I like my beer but I'm not able to describe it in poetic terms and say it tastes of this and that or that it's light or heavy. What I can say is whether I like it or not and like all the Wold Top beers I've drunk I did like it and returned to the bar for several more.

As mentioned I was intrigued by the origin of the a name and made a mental note to research if I could find out why it had been called "Big Sky Bitter". I suppose it is a recommendation for the beer that I must have had enough that it's taken me until Sunday afternoon to do the research. This is what it says on the Wold Top Brewery website about it's name - "The Yorkshire Wolds often referred to as  Big Sky Country for the amazing sky-scapes over the gently rolling countryside of wolds and coast." That description agrees, exactly, with one of my views of what makes the Yorkshire Wolds special.

You can read the rest of the description of the beer and the others the brewery make by clicking here.

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