Thursday, 19 August 2010

Message to Glider Pilots - You need better maps!

Yesterday, I was returning from a day out on with the family. In my usual manner I was taking the backroads to see in as much of the Yorkshire Wolds as possible and to avoid the traffic. 

We where heading south along a minor road that heads down from High Mowthorpe to Duggleby when to the right just off the road I spotted a glider in a stubble field. I pointed it out to the family and then we saw a man stood just down the road frantically trying to flag us down. It was the Glider Pilot. He was Ok but didn't know where he was. He produced a map and I showed him where he'd come down. I asked him if a lack of "thermals" had brought him down but he replied "no, a lack of skill".

I wasn't surprised that he was lost. The map he showed me can't have been anything less than a scale of 1:250,000 and really lacked the detail to be able to re-establish your position once you'd lost your bearings. I believe the pilot had ditched his glider in a safe place rather than blundering around the skies not knowing where he was.

As we finished our conversation a 4 x 4 pickup pulled up and I think it was the farmer coming to see why he'd got a Glider in one of fields and whether any crops had been damaged.

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