Monday, 30 August 2010

Kilnwick Percy and the World Peace Cafe

I've known for a few years that Kilnwick Percy Hall has now found a use as a Buddhist Retreat and Meditation Centre. Recently though, I've seen a sign on the side of the road that runs between Pocklington and Warter advertising the Centre's World Peace Cafe. Both my wife and I had said that someday we should visit the cafe. So, today being a bank holiday we decided to do a short walk that would put the centre about half way round and stop and have lunch before finishing the walk. We set off from Nunburnholme walking over Bratt Hill and heading north to Warrendale Farm before looping round behind the hall.

Ah well, this is where the plan came unstuck. We arrived by a track that came to the back of the hall. There was no sign of life about. We saw a sign that directed us to the World Peace Cafe but it was closed; a sign on the door with the opening hours stated that the cafe was closed on a Monday and Tuesday. Buddhists like the rest of us it would seem don't like working on bank holidays. We both vowed that we would return when the cafe was open.

We headed south through the grounds for a short time then picked up the road to Nunburnholme back to the car. This stretch did take in the grave of a record breaking Yorkshire Wolds cow!

Further information on the Buddhist Retreat and Meditation centre is available by clicking here. It includes the World Peace Cafe's opening hours!

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