Sunday, 1 August 2010

Half Moon Inn, Acklam

Half Moon Inn, Acklam
Often on a summer's evening we'll drive across the Yorkshire Wolds take in the views and then visit one of the village pubs. Last night we decided that our destination would be Acklam.

Acklam is a small village which sits on the western edge of the wolds occupying a small ridge halfway down the slope. Steep climbs in to and out of the  village ensure that anyone cycling or walking to this pub would have certainly earned their refreshments.

When we arrived at about 7.30 the pub was quiet with a few locals at the bar and a couple of tables of diners but soon after we arrived the pub started to fill up. On entering you stepped straight in to the large bar which also serves as the main dining area. The bar area was pleasant, clean and tidy. It didn't contain the vast selection of memorabilia, bits and pieces and assorted junk that is often found in many places today. Most tables were dining tables but we settled on a low corner table with armchairs.

A selection of beers were on offer and I opted for a pint of "Guzzler" brewed by York Brewery which was light and fresh and certainly as the name suggests you could guzzle a few. To support local brewers I always try to drink a locally brewed beer rather than a mass market offering. The food on offer was no frills pub food with the menu offering Steak, Scampi, Gammon, Homemade Steak and Ale Pie and the like. I settled on the Pie and my partner had Scampi. The food soon appeared. The pie was good with a thick pastry crust, large chunks of steak and a tasty gravy. The Scampi was served with a freshly made salad in addition to the Chips and well cooked vegetables. I still had room for more and asked for the dessert menu. Traditional puddings were on offer and I selected Apple and Raspberry Pie served with Cream. A generous slice of pie soon arrived and I made short work of cleaning my plate of this tasty offering. All the food was served quickly and efficiently by friendly staff.

The Half Moon Inn falls in to the category of traditional village pub. Fine dining it was not but the food served was well made and tasty and the Beer was very drinkable. If we need refreshment when visiting this part of the wolds in the future then the Half Moon will be on the list.


  1. Brilliant friendly pub, with great traditional food, lovely york brewery bitter. monday nights are country nights with some very good artists on show. A really lovely country pub with a warm welcome, you wont feel like a stranger for long.

  2. I have recently visited this pub, and found it has been taken over by a couple from Nottingham............I do not think the future bodes well for the place. The 'lady' has a lot to learn about customer service, manners and courtesy, whilst the 'gentleman' was clueless - when he was allowed to speak for himself. It never fails to amaze me how people think they can run a pub with no experience! It would be extremely sad to see the place fail........

    1. Hi, I am the 'Lady' you speak of, I'm sorry you felt the need to write this review without speaking to one of us first, We have not received any complaints about our customer service and have both worked in the industry for years, perhaps it would be better mannered of you to speak with us first instead of putting anonymous bad reports out there, we are always here to answer any questions or receive feedback be it good or bad, I'm sure you would agree that would of been the better route to take.