Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Wordsworth, Tintern Abbey, Radio 4 and Huggate

You may wonder what relationship the four things listed above have, well the answer is Polytunnels. Polytunnels are semi-permanent structures used by growers to extend the growing season of soft fruit crops and in some areas of the country large areas have been covered by them.

Whilst driving recently I listened to a feature on Radio 4 that told the story of how Wordsworth's poem "Tintern Abbey"  had been recalled in a legal battle over the visual  impact of Polytunnels on the landscape in the area of the Abbey. The connection to Huggate is that it is the only place that I'm aware of where they are being used on a large scale on the Yorkshire Wolds. They are visible from a number of directions but as they sit on one of the higher parts of the Wolds nowhere do you have a long view down on to them. They do not appear to me as being too intrusive. Should further areas be covered then this may not be the case. Could it be in the future that one of David Hockney's paintings of a Wolds landscape be produced as evidence in a legal battle over the visual impact of Polytunnels in East Yorkshire?

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