Monday, 5 July 2010

Windturbines - Carbuncle or in the future will they be considered a treasured part of our heritage?

When driving along the back road that leads north west out of Huggate to the A166 I stopped to admire the view (pictured). In the foreground in the shadow of a passing cloud lay the village of Huggate with the spire of St Mary's Church poking through the trees. In the far distance I could see the blades of the wind turbines at Lissett spinning gracefully in the wind. This made me thing about these large landmarks of the 21st century and how our views of the effect they have on the landscape would compare with those that  observed the building of the spires of the local churches. Did they think of these as blots on the landscape or did their purpose outweigh these concerns? Then could it be the same with wind turbines in the 21st Century? Will we eventually accept the impact that they have on the landscape due to the necessity of their purpose? Monuments to a modern kind of worship - our desire for a limitless supply of energy.

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