Sunday, 18 July 2010

A Wetwang circuit - fields of gold

Anybody familliar with the song by Sting "Fields of Gold" would have made a connection with the fields of barley we saw on our walk today that took in the area south of Wetwang. The fields could not be long for the combine as they turn gold and wave in the afternoon's wind.

We started our walk in a small parking area on the B1230 about one mile south of Wetwang. The entrance is opposite a road known as Cadger Castle - why it's called that I have no idea. We then headed west up a shaded green lane aptly named Green Lane. At the top of the rise the view opened out to the north giving a fine view down on to and across the top of Wetwang with the Sykes Memorial in the distance.

We then continued along the lane until a fork in the track - one leg heading west to Huggate and one north to Wetwang. At this point you could see northwest across the Yorkshire Wolds with many hues of green and gold visible as crops ripen ready for the impending harvest. We took the northern fork to Wetwang passing through a small dale until joining a metalled road for a couple of hundred metres then taking the footpath towards Southfield Road which led us through a chest high field of an oilseed crop. We walked east along Southfield Road in Wetwang before turning south and walking up Southfield Well Balk. Walking up the Balk afforded fine panoramic views. The Balk then joined the Green Lane and we turned east and back down the lane to our car. In total a walk of nearly 7km or 4 miles that was well worth the effort for the views it afforded.

If we'd needed sustenance we could have carried on in to Wetwang to visit either the Black Swan or Victoria Inn the two pubs in the village, Alternatively, we could have paid a visit to Wetwang's well known Fish and Chip shop although we might have had to queue as it's a popular stopping off point for people travelling back from the coast.

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