Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Traditional methods saving our peas

Often as you walk the highways and byways of the Wolds the loud bangs of modern gas powered bird scarers reverberate around the valleys and hills. Placed by farmers trying to protect their crops from flocks of Wood Pigeon or "Stoggies", as they are known locally that range across the fields, looking for the next crop to ravage. Whilst walking our two dogs I noticed one field where the farmer had reverted to a more traditional form of bird scarer in the form of a well designed scarecrow. What it's impact is on the local pigeons I don't know but I do know that at dusk on a misty evening it would be enough to scare an unsuspecting passerby on this minor road near Holme-on-the-Wolds. The crop of concern in this case was a fast maturing crop of peas. Peas are one of the major crops of the Yorkshire Wolds and from late June onwards a large scale harvesting operation known as Vining commences. Fleets of Viners and Lorries can be seen moving from field to field 24 hours a day in a carefully planned operation as each crop matures. The operation ensures that as promised in the adverts the peas go from field to freezer in less than 2 hours.

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