Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Goodmanham and a summer downpour

For a long walk of the dogs and a stretch of our legs we decided to visit Goodmanham; a village close to the western end of the Yorkshire Wolds. But our plans were scuppered by a heavy summer downpour that left farm tracks awash with gushing water. We parked in a lay-by until the storm passed and the thunder had stopped rattling around the valleys.

We did manage a shorter walk once the downpour ceased that took in the old railway line and a local road. On the railway line we came across an information board at the site of a well explaining the story of the well and the custom of hanging tokens nearby to wells. One that has taken off here. The sign was erected by Market Weighton Town Council as part of a series of information boards in the local area. The walk along the old railway line is part of a local walk known as the Hudson Way named after the railway entrepreneur George Hudson. The Hudson Way takes in both Market Weighton and Goodmanham. 


We'll be back to visit the area soon to finish what we started and to look around the village of Goodmanham as well as the surrounding countryside. 

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