Sunday, 11 July 2010

Down Wansford way

When I switched the television on this morning the programme that was on featured fishing on the Hampshire Avon. A chalk spring fed river like the River Hull . This reminded me of a place I often like to stop and take a look at what wildlife I can see. The place is the road bridge over West Beck at Wansford. From the bridge you can, through the crystal clear waters, see Brown Trout holding station against the current waiting for the next morsel of food to come along. On other days I've seen large Chub drifting along with the current and the odd eel slithering along the gravelly bottom. Wildfowl such as Ducks and Moorhen are ever present and sometimes Heron pass-by. I see many other people stopping too to enjoy the scene as a small layby allows easy parking nearby.

West Beck forms part of a network of chalk streams commonly known as the River Hull Headwaters that are the most northerly chalk stream system in the UK. The headwaters are a real jewel in East Yorkshire's crown and taking one of the many footpaths along the banks gives a fantastic opportunity to enjoy what for me is a quintessential English landscape. So special is this area that a trust has been set up to manage, protect and improve these special Rivers. More details on the work of the trust can be found at East Yorkshire Chalk Rivers Trust

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