Monday, 26 July 2010

Barn Owls and wide verges

Summer evenings offer great opportunities to observe barn owls hunting the verges of the local roads. As we drove home one evening we managed to keep pace with a barn owl as it drifted along the verge and over the hedges. Though, it proved much harder to get a photograph of one and after many attempts I did manage to get two pictures as the owl waited to pounce. It came up empty handed and flew off across a field and we lost sight of it.

Not many nights go by when we don't see a Barn Owl and the numbers on the Yorkshire Wolds appear to be good. This may well be due to many local roads having wide verges compared to many areas. These relatively untouched strips of grass will provide an ideal habitat for the Mice, Shrews and Voles that the Owls prey upon.

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