Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Additional Hazards for Golfers on Beverley Westwood

The Westwood is the best known of the pieces of common land that the people of Beverley have available to them to enjoy. Ancient rights allow Freemen and now women of the town to graze animals on the pastures. Management of the land is undertaken by the Pasture Master on behalf of the Freemen. During the summer months the Westwood is the home to hundreds of cattle that share the open spaces and woodland not just with people but traffic as well as four roads cross the Westwood. It's quite clear that drivers should give way to the half ton of Beef that wanders aimlessly across the road in front of them.

The Westwood is also the home of Beverley and East Riding Golf Club and as the picture shows cows are an additional hazard to be negotiated on the way to greens. Once past them the fences around the greens to keep the cows off them also have to be avoided. Although, I don't know for certain I assume special rules must be in place should you hit one of these extra hazards.

Beverley Westwood is a great place to visit for a stroll or a family picnic as long as you don't mind sharing it with the Cows.

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